Letter of #Heshmat_Tabarzadi to the #Warsaw_Conference


February 6, 2019

From : Heshmat Tabarzadi

Secretary General of the Iran Democratic Front


On the verge of the 2019 Warsaw Conference

Addressing the Governments and Global Assemblies

Respectfully and with Warmest Regards

I, declare with certainty and assurance that if today the Iranian people had the opportunity and freedom to declare their will; holding a free and fair referendum, under the auspices of the international community, to choose between yes or no to the Islamic Republic, would be at the forefront of their demands. The ruling regime in Iran, due to its ineffectiveness and political intolerance, denies any freedom of choice for the Iranian people and it has been harshly suppressing non-government sponsored protests and gatherings.

Ayatollah Khamenei himself and the institutions under his leadership, similar to the military-ideological regimes of the twentieth century, are the primary sponsors of the suppression of legal and legitimate liberties of the Iranian people. The ruling mullahs’ Islamic Republic of Iran, launch costly, propagandistic and mandatory carnivals and rallies, celebrating its 40th anniversary, while widespread political, judicial, social and especially economic corruptions have spread in all aspects of the government and society.

Sample polls and organized campaigns have shown that more than 90 percent of the Iranians want a peaceful transition from the Islamic Republic. Among these campaigns, is the “Campaign for Transition from the Islamic Republic through a Free Referendum” founded by several political, civil and human rights activists where over hundred thousand Iranians participated We can submit its supporting documents to the global representatives upon request.

Simultaneously, last year a declaration was issued by 15 members of the Iranian political and civil society, calling for a referendum for a peaceful transition from the Islamic Republic. Mrs. Shirin Ebadi, Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh, Mrs. Narges Mohammadi and Mr. Hassan Shariatmadari, Dr. Mohammad Maleki, Dr. Mohammad Seifzadeh, Dr. Mohammad Nourizad and Mr. Jafar Panahi and I were among the signatories.

If the democratic and free governments of the world wish to help the Iranian people freely chose their desired government and achieve liberty, secular democracy, prosperity, security and rule of law in Iran, while the political independence of Iranians is not being undermined and for return of the security and stability to the region; peaceful methods such as how the autocratic government of Mr. Maduro in Venezuela is being dealt with, can be used to force the current regime in Iran surrender to a free referendum.

Currently the most important alternative that has the support of the Iranians in achieving the replacement of the current government, is holding a free referendum to abandon the non-democratic, terrorist, religious, and overwhelmingly inefficient and disruptive regime in Iran.


Heshmat Tabarzadi

Secretary General of the Iran Democratic Front


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